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If I can only accomplish two big things in this life before I die, the 2 things I MUST do are:

____________________________ and ____________________________


What obstacles are stopping me from having even one of these dreams?

What specific obstacles stand between me & goal achievement?





If I broke each dream/desire/goal into just 5 smaller pieces,

What would those steps be?

  1. _________________________________________________________________
  2. _________________________________________________________________
  3. _________________________________________________________________
  4. _________________________________________________________________
  5. _________________________________________________________________

100% of the people who read this are smart enough to see value here. At best, 7 of every 100 are smart enough to actually fill in the date (above) & begin answering these questions in the next 100 seconds. I unconditionally guarantee that those few of you who are smart enough to fill in the blanks right now... will see big changes in the next 3 to 7 days, by tapping into the huge power of "NOW."

Prove me right or wrong...

...with your deeds, not your words.

How I spend my minutes today is a clear picture of how I'm spending my life.

Do you even vaguely think this doesn't apply to you?     Ah. We see.

Well, no need to tell us: your current position in life tells us all we need to know, ey?

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Make This Your Homepage

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